Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-2

Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-2


  1. A coffee shop sells 1,685 small, 2,436 medium and 986 large cups of coffee in a week. How may total cups of coffee are sold in a week?

A. 4,121               B. 2,671              C. 5,107              D. 3,422


  1. Rishabh had Rs.15,590 in his bank. How much money is he left with after he bought a car for Rs.12,700 and a camera for Rs.1,250?

A. Rs.1,640       B. Rs.2,640       C. Rs.640          D. Rs.140


  1. Rohan has 1,258 more stamps than Shrey does. Shrey has 1,425 stamps. How many stamps does Rohan have in his collection?

A. 2,703             B. 167                 C. 2,673             D. 2,683


  1. Mrs. Maheshwari adds 1,450 ml of water to the 2,200 ml mixture of milk & strawberry syrup. What is the total volume after all the three products are mixed together?

A. 3,650 ml       B. 3,750 ml       C. 3,655 ml       D. 3,645 ml


  1. There are 7,900 spectators to watch a match. Out of that, 3,249 spectators are female. How many spectators are male?

A. 4,661              B. 4,671              C. 4,641              D. 4,651


  1. In a week following number of visitors came to the doll museum Children - 2,489 Adults - 1,689 How many more children visited the doll museum compared to the adults?

A. 900                 B. 1,000             C. 800                D. 850


  1. The vacation to Florida costs Rs.895, while the vacation to Jamaica costs Rs.1,279. By how much amount is the vacation to Florida cheaper than vacation to Jamaica?

A. Rs.384                    B. Rs.374           C. Rs.394                    D. Rs.404


  1. Robin traveled 110 kms by train, 82 kms by bus and 3 km by taxi. How much is the total distance did he travel?

A. 113 kms         B. 85 kms          C. 192 kms        D. 195 kms


  1. Two thousand two hundred forty-one people came to watch a race. One hundred ninty-two people left before the end of the race. How many people were left till the end of the race?

A. 2,433             B. 2,049             C. 1,949              D. 2,029


  1. John traveled 358 kms by car in first week and 221 kms in next week. Car had already been driven 18,425 kms. What is the total distance that car has been driven now?

A. 19,004 kms B. 579 kms        C. 18,783 kms D. 18,646 kms


Answer Key:

1. (c); 2. (a); 3. (d); 4. (a); 5. (d); 6. (c); 7. (a); 8. (d); 9. (b); 10. (a)