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With this software you can generate unlimited worksheets. Solve them online and get instant results. The software is very useful for the students who are appearing for Math OLYMPIAD/ASSET test. Application of maths in daily life can be learnt with this type of problems. Apply maths whether you are in vegetable market, in a clothe shoppe, in a bank or any other place.........

  1. Mental Maths worksheets-1

  2. Mental Maths worksheets-2

  3. Mental Maths worksheets-3

  4. Multiplication (Horizontal-Vertical)

  5. Addition of decimals 3 terms horizontal

  6. Addition of decimals-vertical addition 3 terms

  7. Decimal Word Problems

  8. Addition (Horizontal-Vertical) Worksheets

  9. Addition of decimals-Horizontal addition

  10. Addition of decimals-Vertical addition

  11. Subtraction (Horizontal-Vertical)

  12. Subtraction-1

  13. Subtraction-2

  14. Multiplication of decimals-Vertical

  15. Multiplication of decimal numbers-Horizontal

  16. Multiplication of Decimals-1

  17. Multiplication of Decimals-2

  18. Place Value Worksheets

  19. BODMAS-Level-1-Worksheet-Generator

  20. BODMAS-Level-2-Worksheet-Generator

  21. BODMAS-Level-3-Worksheet-Generator

  22. Money Conversion worksheets

  23. Place Value (Reverse)

  24. Convert Fractions to Decimals-1

  25. Fractions to Decimals-2

  26. Mixed Fractions to Decimals-3

  27. Successor & Predecessor worksheets

  28. Division (Quotient & Remainder)

  29. Decimal Division-Worksheet-Generator-2

  30. Unit Conversion worksheets

  31. Conversion of units

  32. Measurement Word Problems

  33. Skip Counting

  34. Money & Measurement Word Problems

  35. Unit Conversion-Addition

  36. Unit Conversion-Subtraction

  37. Even Numbers Worksheets

  38. Counting & Reverse Counting Numbers

  39. Factors and Multiples

  40. Missing Number Worksheets

 Mental Maths worksheets-1


 Mental Maths worksheets-2


 Mental Maths worksheets-3