Charts and graphs Worksheet-8

Charts and graphs Worksheet-8


The graph below shows the hours Sanya worked each day of the week. Use the graph to answer the questions.

  1. Which day did she work the most?

(a) Sunday         (b) Monday       (c) Wednesday (d) Saturday


  1. Which day did she work the least?

(a) Sunday         (b) Monday       (c) Wednesday (d) Saturday


  1. How many hours did she work on Wednesday?

(a) 4                    (b) 5                    (c) 6                    (d) 7


  1. What is the difference in the number of hours she worked on Thursday and the number she worked on Friday?

(a) 1 hour           (b) 2 hour          (c) 3 hour          (d) 4 hour


  1. Sanya gets extra pay if she works for 7 or more hours in a day. For how many days will she get an extra pay in this week?

(a) 3                    (b) 4                    (c) 5                     (d) 2


  1. If her per hour pay is Rs. 25 then how much is her earning on Tuesday?

(a) 150                (b) 125                (c) 175                (d) 200


  1. If her per hour pay is Rs. 25 and for extra hour i. e. beyond 6 hours she charges Rs. 50 per hour then what is her earning on Thursday?

(a) Rs. 200        (b) Rs. 175         (c) Rs. 150         (d) Rs. 225


  1. For how many hours did she work in this week ?

(a) 50 hours      (b) 53 hours      (c) 48 hours      (d) 51 hours


  1. Her working hours on Sunday are ______ her working hours on Wednesday.

(a) 2 times         (b) 3 times         (c) Half of        (d) One third of


  1. Which of the following is her most hectic day in terms of no. of working hours?

(a) Monday       (b) Sunday        (c) Friday          (d) Saturday


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-B; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-B