Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-5

Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-5


  1. The radius of a circle is 10 cm. Find the area of the circle.

A. 3.14 cm2        B. 13.6 cm2        C. 15.7 cm2        D. 314 cm2


  1. The area of one face of a cube is 49 cm². What is the volume of the cube in cubic cms?

A. 7                      B. 343                 C. 21                    D. 98


  1. Which type of angle is shown below?

A. acute              B. obtuse            C. right angle    D. straight


  1. Find the area of the parallelogram shown below.

A. 17 sq ft           B. 48 sq ft          C. 84 sq ft          D. 60 sq ft


  1. The perimeter of a square is 48 feet. How long is each side?

A. 16 feet            B. 12 feet           C. 24 feet           D. 8 feet


  1. When an arm of an angle is extended then the measure of angle:

A. doubles                                      B. triples

C. remains the same                    D. none of these


  1. Perimeter of a circle is called its:

A. circumference                          B. area

C. diameter                                   D. none of these


  1. 3 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm. Can they form a triangle?

A. Yes                 B. No                  C. Sometimes   D. None of these


  1. Perimeter of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of all the _____ sides.

A. 4                      B. 2                    C. 3                      D. 6 


  1. A toy box can fit 36 equal sized unit blocks in it. Then its volume is:

A. 36 sq units                                B. 63 cu units

C. 36 cu units                                D. 62 cu units


Answer Key:

1. (d); 2. (b); 3. (c); 4. (d); 5. (b); 6. (c); 7. (a); 8. (a); 9. (c); 10. (c)