Maths Olympiad-Grade-5-Multiplication Worksheet-1

Multiplication Worksheet-1


  1. A guitar has 6 strings. How many strings are there in 23 guitars?

A. 128                 B. 138                 C. 135                 D. 148


  1. A school bought 45 desks for each class. There were 16 classes in the school. What is the total number of desks school bought?

A. 720                 B. 725                 C. 700                D. 710


A. 166,132         B. 169,491         C. 266,032        D. 176,032


  1. If a train travels at a speed of 174 km/hr, how much distance will it travel in 9 hours?

A. 1526 km        B. 1426 km        C. 1566 km        D. 1586 km


  1. 123.12×12 = ?

A. 1477.40         B. 177.44            C. 1477.44         D. 14774.4


  1. Select the CORRECT answer.

A. 78×23+45×39 = 3,494          B. 123×57 = 7,111

C. 783×11+77×10 = 9,283         D. 9,624×47 = 452,328


  1. A theater has a seating capacity of 145 people. The theatre runs two shows daily for 16 days in a month. What is the total number of people who can watch the show in a month assuming that all the seats are fully booked for all the shows in a month?

A. 4,840             B. 2,320             C. 290                D. 4,640


  1. A carton of noodles has 24 boxes and each box has eight packets. If an order is placed for 200 cartons, then how many total packets of noodles will be there in those cartons?

A. 4,800            B. 38,400          C. 37,600          D. 1,600


  1. There are seven car dealers in a city. Each car dealer sells 15 cars in a month. If the average price of each car sold is Rs.7, 25500, then what is total value of the cars sold by all the dealers in a month?

A. Rs.76177500                            B. Rs.5078500

C. Rs.76882500                           D. Rs.10882500


  1. A hardware store orders 15,000 m of cable on every purchase order. If the hardware store makes two purchases order every month, then what is the total length of cable purchased by the hardware store in a year?

A. 30,000 m                                  B. 180,000 m

C. 360,000 m                                D. 720,000 m


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-A; (10)-C