Cell structure and function Worksheet-6

Cell structure and function Worksheet-6


  1. In which year cell was discovered by Robert Hooke?


  1. Who coined the term ‘cella’?


  1. Name the single cell through which each organism starts their life with.


  1. Which is the smallest cell?


  1. Which of these is a protist, Mycoplasma or green algae?


  1. Which is the largest cell in human body?


  1. Which structure of cell is porous and allows the movement of substances or materials both inward and outward of cell?


  1. What is outer thick layer of plant cell?


  1. What is the main constituent of cell wall?


  1. Name the structure in which cell organelles are suspended?


  1. Name the structure that separates nucleus from the cytoplasm.


  1. What is called the small spherical body in the nucleus?


  1. Which is the control center of cell?


  1. Name the thread-like structure present in nucleus.


  1. Which is called the unit of inheritance in living organisms?


  1. Name the pigment present in chloroplast.


  1. Which cell organelle is responsible for photosynthesis?


  1. Which is the smallest cell organelle?


  1. Which cellular structure performs the role of protein synthesis?


  1. Which cellular structure is called suicidal bag?


  1. Which cellular structure is called power house of the cell?


  1. What is called energy currency of the cell?


  1. Word Bank:

In a mature plant cell, a large permanent central ____1____ occupying up to 90% of the volume of the cell, but in _____2______cell it is generally ____3_____, if present these are usually much smaller and less permanent. It provides _____4_____ to the cell.  It is surrounded by _____5_____, which is a single membrane.



  1. 1665

  2. Robert Hooke

  3. Zygote

  4. Mycoplasma or PPLO

  5. Mycoplasma

  6. Neuron or nerve cell

  7. Cell membrane

  8. Cell wall

  9. Cellulose

  10. Cytoplasm

  11. Nuclear membrane

  12. Nucleolus

  13. Nucleus

  14. Chromosomes

  15. Gene

  16. Chlorophyll

  17. Chloroplast

  18. Ribosome

  19. Ribosome

  20. Lysosome

  21. Mitochondria

  22. ATP

  23. 1. vacuole,

2. animal,

3. absent,

4. turgidity,

5. tonoplast