Reaching the age of adolescence Worksheet-7

Reaching the age of adolescence Worksheet-7


Answer in a word:

  1. Name the period of life, when the body undergoes changes, leading to reproductive maturity.

  2. Is boy or girl developing large voice box during puberty?

  3. What is called the protruding voice box in boys?

  4. Is sebaceous gland an endocrine or exocrine gland?

  5. Where endocrine glands release their hormones?

  6. Name any one ductless gland.

  7. Acne and pimples are produced due to increased activity of which glands?

  8. Name the hormone secreted by testes after sexual maturity.

  9. Name the reproductive organ of male.

  10. Name the chemical messenger secreted by endocrine gland.

  11. What are the features that help to distinguish the male from the female called?

  12. Which gland controls the secretion of hormone from other endocrine gland?

  13. At what age menstrual cycle stops?

  14. What is the first menstrual flow called?

  15. Name the larva of frog.

  16. What is the larval stage of insects called (moth)?


Answer key:

  1. Adolescence

  2. Boy

  3. Adam’s apple

  4. Exocrine

  5. Blood stream

  6. Pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenaline

  7. Sebaceous and sweat gland

  8. Testosterone

  9. Testes

  10. Hormones

  11. Secondary sexual characters

  12. Pituitary gland

  13. 45-50 years of age

  14. Menarche

  15. Tadpole

  16. Caterpillar