1. Which of the following is the correct sequence?

A. millimeter ⇒ centimeter ⇒ metre ⇒ kilometre

B. metre ⇒ centimeter ⇒ millimeter ⇒ kilometre

C. metre ⇒ millimeter ⇒centimeter ⇒ kilometre


  1. The normal body temperature of the healthy person is:

A. 960F              B. 96.80F          C. 98.60F

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  1. To measure the weight of JUICE, which of the following units can be used?

A. Milligram     B. Millilitre       C. Millimetre


  1. One hour = ____ seconds.

A. 60                   B. 360                C. 3600


  1. Which of the following clock shows the time 5 hours 30 minutes?





  1. How many meters are there in 5(1/2) km?

A. 5500 m         B. 5200 m         C. 5000 m        


Answer Keys

(1)–A; (2)–C; (3)–B; (4)–C; (5)–A; (6)–A