Our Universe-Test-4

Our universe

Miscellaneous Questions:

The given figure shows how the different heavenly bodies move around in space. Select the correct word from the given brackets to complete the given paragraph.

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Earth rotates about its own ____(1)___ (axis/equator). It takes __(2)___ (24 hours/48 hours) to complete one rotation. It also moves around the____(3)____ (Sun/Moon) to complete one ____(4)_____ (rotation/revolution). It takes ___(5)_____ (365/265) days to complete one revolution. This is called a ___(6)_____ (year/month). The earth is covered by a layer of gases called the ___(7)___ (atmosphere/ozone). ____(8)_____  (Moon/Sun) is the only ____(9)_____ (artificial/natural) satellite of the Earth. The ____(10)______ (Sun/Moon) takes about (58/28) days to orbit around the Earth.



(1) Axis; (2) 24 hours; (3) Sun; (4) Revolution; (5) 365; (6) Year; (7) Atmosphere; (8) Moon; (9) Natural; (10) 28