Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds



•    A flower is the reproductive organ of a plant.



•    Petals are colourful structures that surround the inner parts of the flower.


Carpel (pistil):

•    Carpel (pistil) is the female reproductive part of the flower.

•    It has three parts:

  1. A sticky top portion called stigma.

  2. An enlarged base called ovary.

  3. A stalk called style that connects stigma and ovary.

•    The ovary contains tiny ball-like structures called ovules, which later become seeds.



•    Sepals are the green, leaf-like structures at the base of the flower.

•    Sepals protect the flower during its development and support the petals when the flower blooms.



Stamens are the male reproductive parts of a flower.

•    Each stamen has two parts:

  1. A thin stalk called filament.

  2. A knob-like structure called anther.

•    The anther produces a powdery substance called pollen.

•    For a flower to develop into a fruit and form seeds, pollen grains must be transferred from its anthers to the stigma.