Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-3

Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. ______ means clearing of forests and using that land for other purposes.

(A) Deforestation                         (B) A forestation

(C) Reforestation                         (D) Draught


  1. _______ increases the temperature and pollution level on the earth.

(A) Deforestation                         (B) A forestation                

(C) Reforestation                          (D) Draught


  1. Plants need _______ for photosynthesis.

(A) Oxygen                                     (B) Carbon dioxide

(C) Carbon monoxide                 (D) Hydrogen sulphide


  1. The increase in temperature on the earth disturbs the water cycle and may reduce rainfall, this could cause ________.

(A) Deforestation                         (B) Droughts

(C) Reforestation                          (D) All of these


  1. Removal of the top layer of the soil is called

(A) Soil fertility                             (B) Soil sterility

(C) Soil erosion                             (D) None of these


  1. Conversion of fertile land into desert is called-

(A) Solidification                         (B) Crystallization             

(C) Desertification                       (D) All of these


  1. The movement of water from the soil surface into the ground is called

(A) Gravitational supply             (B) Underground filtration

(C) Infiltration rate                      (D) Filtration rate


  1. _____ refers to the variety of organisms existing on the earth, their interrelationships and their relationship with the environment.

(A) Biological species                  (B) Biodiversity

(C) Both a and b                           (D) None of these


  1. Rank of India among 12 -mega-biodiversity countries in the world is

(A) 6th                 (B) 5th                  (C) 4th                       (D) 3rd


  1. Which area of India is very rich in biodiversity?

(A) North plain                            (B) South plain

(C) North- west Ghat                  (D) Western Ghat


Answer keys:

  1. (A)

  2. (A)

  3. (B)

  4. (B)

  5. (C)

  6. (C)

  7. (C)

  8. (B)

  9. (A)

  10. (D)