Crop production and management Worksheet-2

Crop production and management Worksheet-2


Fill the blank:

  1. _____ obtained from plant or animal waste such as cattle dung, droppings, etc.

  2. The supply of water to crops in the fields at different intervals is called _____.

  3. Falling of water drop by drop at the roots of the plants is called _______.

  4. Harvesting is done manually using ______ or by using a machine called _____.

  5. _______ is the machine used for harvesting and threshing both.

  6. The separation of the grains from the chaff with the help of wind is known as _______.

  7. The study and care of animals is known as________

  8. ______ and ______ are the methods used for irrigation in India.

  9. The process of separating grain from _______using wind is called winnowing.

  10. Large scale storage of grains is done in ______ or _______.

  11. Urea and super phosphates are________.

  12. Physical removal of weeds by uprooting or cutting, with the help of a ______.

  13. One of the most important tasks in agriculture is to turn the soil and _______ it.

  14. The main tools used for this purpose are the _______, hoe and cultivator.

  15. _______ is a simple tool which is used for removing weeds and for loosening of soil.

  16. The heavier seeds are sown in the soil by two ways ______and seed drill.

  17. ______ is an organic substance obtained from the decomposition of plant or animal wastes.

  18. The plant _______ absorbs water, mineral and nutrients from soil.

  19. The water falls drop by drop just at the position of the roots in ______ irrigation system.

  20. The removal of weeds is called _______.

  21. 2, 4-D is a/an ______.

  22. The process of separation of grain from chaff is called _______.

  23. The cutting of crop after ripening of grain is called _______.

  24. Animals reared and provided with proper food, shelter and care is called ________.


Answer key:

  1. Manure/Manures, organic manure/organic manures

  2. Irrigation

  3. Drip irrigation

  4. sickle, harvester

  5. combine

  6. winnowing

  7. animal husbandry

  8. sprinkler system, drip system

  9. Chaff

  10. silos , granaries

  11. chemical fertilizers/ chemical fertilizer

  12. Khurpi

  13. Loosen

  14. Plough

  15. Hoe

  16. Traditional pull

  17. Manure

  18. Root

  19. Drip

  20. Weeding

  21. Weedicide

  22. Threshing

  23. Harvesting

  24. Animal husbandry