Pollution of air and water Worksheet-4

Pollution of air and water Worksheet-4


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. A persistent insecticide is-

(A) Organophosphates                (B) Carbamates

(C) Thiocarbmates                       (D) Chlorinated hydrocarbons


  1. An organochlorine insecticide is -

(A) DDT/aldrin                            (B) Malathion

(C) Tetraethyl pyrophosphate   (D) Thiocarbnamate


  1. Domestic waste  is-

(A) Effluent                                    (B) Biodegradable

(C) Non-biodegradable               (D) Air pollutant


  1. Climate of the world is threatened by-

(A) Increasing concentration of atmospheric oxygen

(B) Decreasing amount of atmospheric oxygen

(C) Increasing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide

(D) Decreasing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide


  1. Green-house gases are-

(A) Absorbers of long-wave radiations from earth

(B) Transparent to both solar radiations and long-wave radiations from   earth

(C) Absorbers of solar radiations for warming the atmosphere of earth

(D) Transparent to emissions from earth from passage into outer space


  1. Earth is protected from ultra-violet radiations by means of-

(A) Ozone layer                             (B) Nitrogen

(C) Oxygen                                    (D) Carbon dioxide


  1. Global warming will cause-

(A) rise in level of oceans            (B) Decrease in glaciers

(C) Reduction in ice caps           (D) All


  1. Eutrophication of water body occurs due to addition of-

(A) Detergents  (B) Fertilisers   (C) Sewage        (D) All


  1. SPM causes-

(A) Respiratory diseases             (B) Bone deformities

(C) Skin disease                            (D) All


  1. Corrosion of statues and  monuments occurs due to-

(A) Photochemical smog            (B) Carbon monoxide

(C) Acid Rain                                (D) Methane


Answer key:

  1. (D)

  2. (A)

  3. (B)

  4. (D)

  5. (A)

  6. (A)

  7. (D)

  8. (D)

  9. (D)

  10. (C)