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At Learner's Planet, we share a vision with every responsible institution and individual committed to provide excellence in education and willing to deliver outstanding results. We want to work in synergy with institutions, parents and teachers, to help mould young students into future beacons of change so they become effective leaders.
Our online virtual learning environment is designed to perfectly complement physical tutoring in the class room. As we know, each student is individually different and therefore we are here to offer excellent solution for this. Learners’ Planet offers a rich variety of learning resources and tools for the students so they can learn and, while learning, they can have fun by playing games that test and educate.
Learner's Planet is a rich source of online content, video lectures, mock examinations, educational games and much more. We support and complement learning in a physical classroom with our virtual online environment where students can brush up concepts, revise their lessons and stay apace of the rest of the class conveniently.
A subscription for Learner's Planet would bring tons of learning material at your mouse click!
It is our aim to establish strong and lasting relationship with parents who wish to provide their children unmatched benefit of a virtual environment like ours for the years of foundation and prepare them to take challenges lie ahead in this immense competitive world. To achieve this, we are there with you to support 24 x 7, 365 days.
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Alka Maheshwari

Founder & CEO


Introducing A fun lesson in new-age education

We believe...
"Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain, but what enters into our being, colors our emotion, haunts our soul and is as close to us as life itself".
– Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishan

Expect the Advantage

Today's world is fiercely competitive. We live in a challenging era where students have so much to achieve and so little time at their disposal. In such a fast-paced environment, how does one empower these youngsters to move confidently ahead and take the lead? The answer lies in a strong learning foundation based on engagement, fun and interest.
Today's students need more than just books; they need to be effectively captivated. Their world is a technologically advanced one and we at Learners' Planet believe that we can harness that technology to take the learning experience to a whole new level.

Revolution in education

Ours is a revolutionary educational system, created by experienced educators and dedicated academicians. We have developed cutting-edge and innovative learning resources that capture attention, generate curiosity and ensure that students have plenty of fun while learning. We deliver this experience via a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface – www.learnersplanet.com
Our website lays a solid foundation upon which knowledge levels are built. It also acts as a ready-reckoner for students who want a quick and interesting refresher of concepts. Starting from Kindergarten, right up to Class 10, our lessons span a range of syllabi and subjects.

A role beyond the classroom

At Learners' Planet, we understand the importance of capturing and retaining the interest levels of your children. We know that a skilled teacher will always achieve this in the classroom, however, even good teachers will appreciate new resources and tools that assist them with keeping engagement levels high. That's why we use attractive visual tools and enjoyable games and puzzles, in addition to interactive online tests, quizzes, modules and worksheets. In this way we try to act as a teacher's right hand, always there to keep the momentum going.
Our objective is to transform the learning process on continuous basis by offering an effective and well-planned content mingled with modern methods of education with a professional outlook. This synergy results in a platform that both teachers and students can trust and benefit from.

A subscription will take you far

Today's teachers have a heavier load to bear when it comes to instilling confidence and creativity in their students. In such a situation, it could be to the advantage of both student and teacher, to make good use of technology-based, new-age tools and resources. To this end, Learners' Planet, India's largest education web portal, is designed to offer such innovative learning aids. That's why we believe that it's a good decision to subscribe to our online content. Just log on to our website and sign up, to give your students an educational boost they deserve.

Make the move from average to outstanding

Inspiring change

A teacher is a child's role model and a good teacher will always be able to stimulate the imaginations of their students while inspiring them to greater heights of achievement. So when we say that we can help you further captivate you students and help them move ahead even faster, we do mean it. You will find interesting and exciting new learning resources on our web portal, that we know will be of great interest to you and your students.
Starting with delightful lessons for children in Kindergarten and ending with excellent educational content for Grade 12 students,
Learners' Planet is your one-stop solution for high quality academic content, right through those all-important foundation years.
The subjects we cover are
• Mathematics
• Science
• English

A great game plan for the competitive game of life

Sometimes work can be play !

It is true that games are an age-old teaching tool. From nursery rhymes to television quizzes, a game can be both fun as well as tremendously educational. In fact, a well-designed educational game can make learning a truly enjoyable experience. Incorporating compelling exercises, a game can motivate, excite and challenge a young mind, to explore, discover, ideate and assimilate new knowledge, all while ensuring that kids have a great time.
At Learners’ Planet, our Play ‘n’ Learn is a hotspot of thrilling activity that leads to greater learning.

Crossword Puzzles:

These challenging puzzles throw up a plethora of questions spanning Science, Social Science, English and General Knowledge.
Thinking up the right answers augments cognitive skills and expands aptitude, while offering new knowledge and understanding.

Jigsaw Puzzles:

We’ve all had plenty of fun solving Jigsaw puzzles and now at Learners’ Planet, they serve the purpose of developing essential skills as well. Putting the pieces together to form a complete picture helps children develop good eye-hand co-ordination. They can choose from a variety of options, with different numbers of pieces and designs.

Educational Games:

Apart from Crossword and Jigsaw puzzles, the ‘Play ‘n’ Learn’ has a variety of educational games designed to deliver better understanding of English, Math, Science and General Knowledge. From grammar and vocabulary challenges to Phonic Games and Sudoku Puzzles to General Aptitude enhancers, we have a range of fun and fabulous games for kids to enjoy while learning.

LP's Ocean of Knowledge :

This section on our web portal, offers interactive lessons that allow students to learn via visual cues and attractive interfaces.

Learning that's greater than normal and equal to success

Welcome to the LP Math Worksheet Generator

Even with excellent coaching in the classroom, some children find it hard to grasp certain mathematical concepts, making it difficult for them to enjoy the subject and ultimately putting them off Math completely. Such students can always benefit from a little interactive practice in an environment where they are not under any competitive pressure and where they can study at their own pace. We offer a good solution with our path-breaking and unique LP's software that's designed to generate infinite Interactive Worksheets with a range of varied and challenging exercises.

Race ahead on the learning track, at your own pace

These worksheet problems can be solved online, with the facility to type in answers and then check them. In this way students get instant evaluations of their understanding of a particular topic. Those who prefer to work at a more leisurely pace, offline, can simply print out a worksheet and later check their answers against the answer sheet, also provided.

Application to real life:

These useful worksheets can also be used to practice application of Math in real life situations, such as shopping in the market, banking transactions, staff salaries, billing in restaurant etc.

Choose, Click, Learn !

Three modes of learning with three goals

Keeping up with current trends in education and learning methods is not easy, but we take the lead when it comes to offering cutting edge ways to learn. We leverage the latest in technology to make the online educational experience, simple, efficient and interesting. We do believe that our web portal will ensure increased effectiveness of teachers and greater success for students.


A young student is easily distracted and this lack of concentration may lead to missing important lesson in the classroom. Some students may also miss a lesson due to illness or other unfortunate circumstances. It's not always possible for a teacher to repeat the lesson. So how do we make sure that your students catch up with the rest of the class? Our experienced teachers record special sessions explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner. Students can watch these lectures on any topic in any subject as many times as they like and whenever they need to. This results in a thorough understanding, better learning and quicker revision.


Students can download and print detailed and easy to understand study notes for each chapter taught in Math, Science and English. Now they can say goodbye to heavy books and say hello to the convenience of e-Notes.

Printable Worksheets:

In order to help students practice a topic till they feel completely comfortable with its concepts, our LP Worksheet Generator creates exercise sheets filled with well laid out problems. A student can get instant evaluations by filling in answers online or they can print out the sheet and work at leisure.


What's the fun without assessment of concepts learned. A student can take unlimited interactive quizzes in each subject, any chapter and every topic. LP offers plethora of pre-designed tests, quizzes and practice tests. Test result and analysis is instantly emailed, which acts as great tool to highlight weak and strong areas of the student.

Wade in and test the waters

Experience the Online Testing Platform

Are your students nervous about an upcoming exam? Now they can gain valuable and practical understanding of what that test experience will be like. Learners' Planet offers access to India's largest and most comprehensive question bank for every level right up to Grade 10. These questions cover all subjects and topics.
At Learners' Planet your students can practice with Online Mock Tests for a variety of competitive exams including Olympiads.

Take a Test

When it comes to bagging a much desired seat in the professional course of choice, exam fear is common, even for a well-coached student. It is often the highly competitive environment which is responsible for this lack of confidence. At Learners' Planet we understand the importance of practicing with Mock Tests, so that students gain a better understanding of critical examination formats.
With the concept of emulated testing working in their favor, students get a feel for the actual testing environment, while experiencing working in the online environment. In this way, not only do they practice the types of questions that they may have to answer in an upcoming exam, but they can also familiarize themselves with the format of questions and answers, thus saving time when actually taking the exam.

View Results for Comprehensive Analysis

Students benefit from Instant Reporting when taking a test at Learners' Planet. In a comprehensive post-test analysis, they can view a detailed explanation of each question attempted. They can also see how accurate they were in attempting questions in various sections of the test, while analyzing time allocated to different sections. Benchmarking against the best is easy. Results can be compared with all India ranks and percentiles, by section as well as the overall result.

Design your Test

We think that limitations and boundaries inhibit progress. That's why, with Learners' Planet, students can create unlimited objective format customized tests. The Dynamic Paper Generator enables the creation of any pattern of test including Multiple Choice Questions, Comprehension Based Questions, Matrix Matching (one-to-one) and Matrix Matching (one-to-many). Absolute customization is possible right down to subject, chapter and section.

Discover the dynamic difference

Learners' Planet offers a host of unprecedented benefits:

• Excellent learning assistance offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a subscriber's convenience.
• Easy access to truly motivational learning tools
• A focused learning system with comprehensive and dynamic content
• Emphasis on a fun and engaging environment
• Exciting challenges to help master difficult concepts
• Insightful and interactive screens in each lesson
• An enjoyable learning opportunity ensured through games, puzzles, practice questions and well laid out worksheets and tests
• Customized content available for every subject
• A community of parents and educators who can share interesting insights about a child's education

Get ahead and stay ahead

Learners' Planet is an option for those who like to make their own success stories. Why not get on track too?
Join those marching towards the future, using up-to-date learning and teaching methods.
For more information, demonstration modules and subscription details, log onto
and enjoy the best learning advantage now.

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