Chemical properties of metals-e Notes

- Metals and Non-metals-Chemical properties of metals.
(a) Chemical reactions given by Non-metals i.e. their reaction with Oxygen, Water, Hydrogen, Acids, Salts and Halogens.
(b) Difference between covalent and ionic compounds.

Electronic configuration:

·                   They usually have 1, 2 or 3 electrons in their valence shell.


They always ionize by losing electrons

Charge of ions:

·                   Positively charged.

Type of Compounds:

·                   They form ionic compounds.

Ionic compounds:

 Ionic bonds are present between the atoms.

·  Bond formed by transfer of electrons from the atom of one element to the atom of another element is called ionic bond or electrovalent bond.


·                   They are always deposited at the cathode.

Redox reaction:

·                   They lose electrons and hence get oxidized.


Reaction of metals with oxygen:

·                   When metals are burnt in air they react with oxygen of air to form metal oxides


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