English Olympiad Grade 2 Noun Worksheet-2

English - Noun Worksheet-2


Find the CORRECT plurals for each of the following irregular nouns:

  1. Calf

       A. calfs               B. calves             C. calf's              D. calfes


  1. Knife

       A. knifes             B. knifs               C. knives            D. knifies

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  1. Woman

       A. women          B. womans        C. wemen          D. womens


  1. Fly

       A. flys                 B. flyess              C. fliess              D. flies


  1. Fish

       A. fishes             B. fishs               C. fish                 D. fishies


  1. Foot

       A. foots               B. feets               C. feetes             D. feet


  1. Tooth

       A. tooths            B. teeth               C. toothess         D. teeths


  1. Mouse

       A. mice               B. mice’s            C. mices             D. micess


  1. Goose

       A. gooses            B. goosies          C. geeses            D. geese


  1. Ox

       A. ox                   B. oxies              C. oxen               D. oxes


(11)–B; (12)–C; (13)–A; (14)–D; (15)–A; (16)–D; (17)–B; (18)–A; (19)–D; (20)–C