Nutrition in plants Worksheet-3

Nutrition in plants Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Questions:

  1. Which gas is released by plants during photosynthesis?

(A) Oxygen                                       (B) Carbon dioxide      

(C) Nitrogen                                     (D) Hydrogen     


  1. Which gas is used by plants during photosynthesis?

(A)  Oxygen                                      (B) Carbon dioxide      

(C) Nitrogen                                     (D) Hydrogen


  1. Pores in the leaves through which air enters are called:

(A) Stomata         (B) Guard cell      (C) Vesicles          (D) Veins


  1. When a food material rich in starch is treated with Iodine solution ,the solution is turned:

(A) Violet             (B) Blue-black      (C) Black              (D) Brown


  1. The carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen. These are used to synthesize other components of food. But proteins are nitrogenous substances which contain nitrogen. Plants obtain nitrogen from:

(A) Air                  (B) Soil                 (C) Water             (D) None of these


  1. Plants growing in deserts have leaves in the form of spines. Where does photosynthesis take place?

(A) Leaves            (B) Stems             (C) Flowers


  1. Mushrooms obtain their food by/from:

(A) Photosynthesis      

(B) Eating insects         

(C) Dead and decaying organisms


  1. Fungi grow on pickles, leather or other things that are left in hot and humid weather for long time. They are:

(A) Commensal                                (B) Saprotrophs

(C) Chemo autotrophs                    (D) Photo autotrophs


  1. Which of the following is not an example of saprophytes?

(A) Moulds                                       (B) Mushrooms           

(C) Cuscuta                                       (D) Rhizobium


  1. Algae are:

(A) Heterotrophs                    (B) Saprotrophs           

(C) Chemo autotrophs                    (D) Photo autotrophs


Answer Key:

  1. (A)
  2. (B)
  3. (A)
  4. (B)
  5. (B)
  6. (B)
  7. (C)
  8. (B)
  9. (D)
  10. (D)