Vocabulary Worksheet-9

Vocabulary Worksheet-9


  1. "The Smiths have a large home, nice cars, and lots of money. What word best describes the Smiths"

A. adventure     B. fortune          C. old                  D. journey


  1. Wheat and corn are examples of ______.

A. crops              B. fruits              C. vegetables     D. flowers


  1. Which book would show where Africa is located?

A. Thesaurus    B. Dictionary    C. Glossary        D. Atlas


  1. Having a strong, often unpleasant taste is ______:

A. sweet            B. bitter             C. sour                D. none of these


  1. Which word is not a compound word?

A. doghouse      B. icebox            C. bookcase       D. name


  1. The dropping of sediment by wind, water, ice, or gravity

A. weathering   B. soil                 C. cementing    D. deposition


  1. Which of the following words is a synonym for "smelly?"

A. sweet             B. stinky             C. beautiful       D. hot


  1. ingeniously

A. kindly and pleasantly             B. hopefully

C. cleverly                                     D. respectfully


  1. disgraceful

A. wonderful                                 B. honorable

C. shockingly unacceptable        D. with great respect


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-D; (4)-B; (5)-D; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-C