Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-6

Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-6


  1. The most frustrating experience of my day was driving back to home.

A. experience    B. driving           C. back               D. frustrating


  1. Which sentence contains an adverb?

A. She wore a red dress to the party.

B. The hall was decorated with pink balloons.

C. She forgot to invite us to the party.

D. They arrived late for the party.


  1. Identify the adverb in the following sentence.

Taylor waited outside the theatre for two hours.

A. outside          B. two                 C. theatre           D. hours


  1. Tommy feels _____ about what happened at the conference.

A. worse             B. badly              C. worst             D. bad


  1. Samanl performed _____ than any other actors on the stage.

A. more good    B. better             C. more better  D. best


  1. Which is an adverb of time?

A. away              B. quickly          C. yesterday      D. softly


  1. Indicate whether the underlined word is an adverb of manner, time, or place. Sarah will come here after the dinner.

A. place              B. time               C. manner         D. number


  1. That lovely woman sitting on the sofa is my wife.

A. adverb           B. adjective       C. noun              D. pronoun


  1. Find the comparative form of the adjective bad.

A. badest            B. worse             C. worst             D. badder


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT form of adjective.

Josh is _____ than Tosh.

A. more energetic                         B. energetic

C. most energetic                         D. none of these


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-D; (3)-A; (4)-D; (5)-B; (6)-C; (7)-A; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-A