Pronouns Worksheet-3

Pronouns Worksheet-3


  1. Replace the underlined direct object with a CORRECT direct object pronoun.

Mr. Chopra invited Lily and Timmy to the concert.

A. her                  B. him                C. us                    D. them


  1. Find the direct object pronoun in the following sentence.

Rita dropped a box full of old papers in my office. I'm going to recycle them this week.

A. I                      B. them              C. my                  D. dropped


  1. ____ believe that the trial will end by next month.

A. Anyone          B. Either            C. Everything    D. Many


  1. Replace the underlined word(s) with a CORRECT object pronoun.

Amar taught our class last year.

A. our                 B. we                   C. it                     D. us


  1. This book is _____.

A. her                  B. hers                C. she                  D. us


  1. The Red Honda Accord is _____.

A. my                  B. ours                C. us                    D. him


  1. Janki lost her science book. She had to borrow _____ for few days.

A. me                  B. I                      C. them              D. mine


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT relative pronoun.

The boy _____ broke our fence seems very disrespectful.

A. who                B. what               C. whom            D. these


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT interrogative pronoun.

______ painting are you going to choose for the exhibition?

A. who                B. where            C. when              D. whose


  1. Which option shows relative pronouns?

A. Theirs, Ours, Its, hers

B. I, Me, My, Mine, We, Us

C. Whom, Whoever, Whomever

D. Both, Few, Many, Several


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-B; (3)-D; (4)-D; (5)-B; (6)-B; (7)-D; (8)-A; (9)-D; (10)-C