English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-45

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-45


  1. Mr. Suhail said last week in a lecture about the importance of exercise in our life: "Exercise helps us in so many ways, our talent, our minds, and our ability to deal with daily problems."

A. Fact                B. Fantasy         C. Opinion         D. None of these


  1. I ____ told her about the accident.

A. has                 B. is                     C. was                 D. have


  1. The markers are ____ the table.

A. on                   B. in                    C. at                    D. to


  1. My uncle is ____ American citizen.

A. a                      B. the                  C. an                  D. All of these


  1. China is the ____ country in the world in population.

A. larger             B. large              C. most largest D. largest


  1. The comparative of near is:

A. nearest          B. more near     C. most near     D. nearer


  1. Why _____ everybody laughing?

A. am                  B. are                  C. is                     D. were


  1. _____ you help me with my homework after the movie?

A. Do                  B. Will                C. Has                D. Have


  1. Find the verb/s in the following sentence.

I put the lizard back into the hole and covered him with leaves.

A. lizard                                          B. covered, leaves

C. put, covered                              D. hole


  1. Replace the noun in bracket with the correct pronoun.

"Most of the visitors loved (Aashi and Urvashis) Paintings."

A. theyre            B. them              C. their               D. that


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-D; (3)-A; (4)-C; (5)-D; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-B; (9)-C; (10)-C