Prepositions Worksheet-3

Prepositions Worksheet-3


  1. The puppy was sitting ____ my computer desk.

A. on                   B. toward           C. at                    D. from


  1. My aunt lives _____ Canada.

A. on                   B. into                 C. to                    D. in


  1. I usually travel to work _______ train.

A. at                    B. off                   C. by                   D. in


  1. They had rested under a tree ____ the little river.

A. by                   B. between        C. about             D. towards


  1. The house will be built ____ a hill.

A. in                    B. to                    C. on                   D. about


  1. Blacky the Crow is always watching _____ things not intended for his sharp eyes

A. of                    B. for                  C. in                    D. with


Tick the word, that is a preposition:

  1. I admire people who are helpful with others.

A. offer               B. who                C. with                D. people


  1. These good people should be rewarded for their work.

A. good               B. should           C. for                  D. their


  1. Students studied _____ a one-room schoolhouse.


  1. Write the preposition in sentence.

Should I borrow some books from the library?


  1. Write the preposition in sentence.

I notice two good books on the shelf.


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-D; (3)-C; (4)-A; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-C; (8)-C; (9)-inside; (10)-from; (11)-on