Vocabulary Worksheet-3

Vocabulary Worksheet-3


  1. Which of the following is an antonym for "noisy?"

A. loud                B. hot                  C. quiet              D. fun


  1. Which verb best completes the sentence? The baby ____ last night.

A. is crying        B. cries               C. cried              D. will cry


  1. On Sundays, my family _____ for a big lunch.

A. gathers          B. illustrator     C. ceases            D. author


  1. I need to ______ where the bathrooms are in this school.

A. gather            B. inquire          C. author           D. illustrator


  1. Something that is held tightly is:

A. thrown          B. chewed          C. gripped         D. none of these


  1. "The girls shirt got torn by the neighbors dog. What word has the same meaning as torn?"

A. licked             B. ragged           C. repaired        D. wet


  1. The process by which sediment particles are "glued" together by dissolved minerals

A. cementing    B. loam              C. humas           D. weathering


  1. I love wearing my black______

A. feet               B. legs                 C. store               D. boots


  1. graciously

A. kindly and pleasantly             B. horribly

C. unhappily                                  D. peacefully


  1. admiration

A. agreed                                       B. clever

C. unnatural                                  D. respect and warm approval


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-D; (9)-A; (10)-D