This workbook contains worksheet on English Grammar - Verbs for Grade-3 Olympiad students. There are 5 worksheets with 70+ questions.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions…

Verbs Worksheet-6


  1. Joy  and  Susan _____  pets.

A. have               B. was                 C. has                 D. am


  1. She yelled, "Those____ bells I hear!"

A. are                  B. was                 C. is                     D. am

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  1. We ____   talking about him when he came in.

A. were               B. was                 C. am                  D. is


  1. Vicky and Micky _____  studying really hard for their exams this week.

A. is                     B. was                 C. am                  D. are


  1. Why ___ everybody laughing?

A. am                  B. are                  C. is                     D. were


Answer Keys:

6. A; 7. A; 8. A; 9. D; 10. C