English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-7

The complete course of grammar Worksheet-7


  1. The superlative of creamy is:

A. more creamiest                        B. more creamy

C. creamier                                    D. creamiest


  1. The superlative of heavy is:

A. heavyest        B. most heavy   C. heaviest         D. more heavyest


  1. The comparative of wise is:

A. wiser              B. wisest            C. more wise     D. most wisest


  1. The superlative of careful is:

A. more careful                             B. carefuller

C. carefullest                                 D. most careful


  1. The comparative of angry is:

A. angriest                                      B. angrier

C. more angriest                           D. most angry


  1. The superlative of thoughtful is:

A. most thoughtful                       B. thoughtfuller

C. more thoughtful                      D. thoughtfullest


  1. The comparative of narrow is:

A. narrowest                                  B. more narrowest

C. more narrow                            D. narrower


  1. The superlative of little is:

A. less                 B. lesser             C. least               D. more little


  1. The comparative of generous is:

A. generousest                               B. most generous

C. generouser                                D. more generous


  1. Identify the part of speech of the word given in the bracket.

Her shirt was (soft and silky).

A. noun              B. adjective       C. verb                D. adverb


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. C

  3. A

  4. A

  5. B

  6. A

  7. D

  8. C

  9. D

  10. B