Idioms & Proverbs Worksheet-2

Idioms & Proverbs Worksheet-2


Find the correct meaning of the underlined idioms.

  1. Samir lost the project file. It meant we had to start the project from scratch.

A. cancel            B. finish             C. find                D. beginning


  1. When Julia won the Best Student of the Year Award, Kamini was green with envy.

A. Kamini was happy.

B. Kamini was jealous.

C. Kamini painted her face green.

D. Kamini fell sick.


  1. When Kavya said something about her parent's surprise sixtieth anniversary

party, she let the cat out of the bag.

A. Kavya revealed a secret.

B. Kavya invited people to the party.

C. Kavya didn't tell anyone about the party.

D. Kavya's cat was hiding inside a bag.


  1. I could not sleep and was doing topsy-turvy in the bed whole night.

A. To dream.

B. To turn straight.

C. To flip over and turn upside down.

D. To sleep well.


  1. Our politicians have promised so much but did nothing. I think what they say is all smoke and mirrors.

A. To tell the truth.

B. To promise and deliver.

C. To confuse or deceive people.

D. To promise too much.


  1. I told him a secret but he could not keep it under his hat and told everyone.

A. Keep it under the hat.             B. Tell a secret.

C. Wear a secret hat.                   D. Keep a secret.


  1. After you finish MBA degree, you will find that the world is your oyster.

A. To get a good job.

B. To enjoy the world.

C. To have the ability and the freedom to do anything.

D. To have the ability to eat oyster.


  1. The new boss often turn a blind eye to bad behaviour in our office.

A. Deliberately praise someone

B. Deliberately ignore something

C. Be angry

D. Be calm


  1. Knock on wood; I have been driving this car for last ten years without any problem.

A. Hope that good luck will continue

B. Bad omen

C. Hope that no one will succeed

D. Very cool


  1. Thousands of Rupees will go down the drain if we do not fix the problem and

stop the oil leak.

A. Wasted                   B. Fairly used   C. Acquired       D. Collected


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-B; (3)-A; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-B; (9)-A; (10)-A