Science Olympiad Grade 2 Plant Life Worksheet-1

science olympiad grade 2

Plant Life

  1. Which of the following plant is a herb?

(A) Mango         (B) Spinach       (C) Hibiscus      (D) Coconut


  1. Which picture shows plants commonly found in a desert?

(A)                (B)

(C)                (D) None of these


  1. Which of the following statements explain about climbers?

(A) Climbers are plants with weak stems

(B) They cannot stand on their own

(C) They climb up on support

(D) All of the above


  1. Palm tree does NOT have:

(A) branches     (B) leaves           (C) seeds            (D) flowers.


  1. Tea is made from the ______ of the tea plant.

(A) leaves           (B) seeds            (C) fruits            (D) roots.


  1. Which part of these plants given below are eaten as food?

(A) Roots           (B) Leaves         (C) Flowers       (D) Stems.


  1. ______ is a kind of shrub.

(A) Money plant                           (B) Pumpkin

(C) Sunflower                                (D) Banyan


  1. Look at the picture below.

It is a :

(A) pulse            (B) flower          (C) spice            (D) cereal.


  1. Which of the following give energy to plants to make their food?

(A) stars                       (B) sun

(C) moon                  (D) None of the above


  1. We are eating radish, we are actually eating the:

(A) leaves of radish                      (B) fruits of radish

(C) roots of radish                        (D) stems of radish


Answer Keys:

(1)–(B); (2)–(B); (3)–(D); (4)–(A); (5)–(A); (6)–(C); (7)–(C); (8)–(D); (9)–(B); (10)–(C)