Respiration in organisms Worksheet-7

Respiration in organisms Worksheet-7


Multiple-Choice Questions:

  1. Which one of the followings is correct regarding larynx?

(a) It houses the vocal cords

(b) It is an organ made of cartilage and connects the pharynx to the trachea

(c)  It prevents foreign objects from entering the trachea

(d) All of them are correct


  1. Breathing is sometimes called __________ respiration, and respiration is sometimes called __________ respiration.

(a) external, cellular                        (b) cellular, internal

(c) internal, external                       (d) cellular, external


  1. In which of the following process, no enzymes or other catalysts are involved?

(a) Respiration    (b) Breathing       (c) Both of these


  1. Respiration is a __________ process and breathing is a ___________ process.

(a) physical, chemical                     (b) chemical, chemical

(c) chemical, physical                     (d) physical, physical


  1. In which of the following organisms oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse directly between the water and cells?

(a) Unicellular aquatic organisms

(b) Multicellular terrestrial organisms

(c) Unicellular terrestrial organisms

(d) Multicellular amphibians


  1. Which of the following gas exchange structures is seen in roundworms and microscopic invertebrates?

(a) They breathe through skin       (b) They breathe through air holes

(c) They breathe through gills        (d) They breathe through lungs


  1. Which of the following is correct for part “A” of a cockroach?

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(a) Thoracic spiracles  

(b) Abdominal spiracles       

(c) Wings of a cockroach


  1. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported through the tracheae and from the tracheae to the blood of the _________ by diffusion.

(a) Insect             (b) Amphibian              (c) Mammal        (d) Reptile


  1. Which type of circulatory system is present in most of the insects?

(a) Open circulatory system                     (b) Closed circulatory system

(c) Double circulatory system                   (d) Single circulatory system


  1. Which of the following statement is not FALSE about fish?

(a) They have gills, a heart, and an open circulatory system, one which is moved around the internal organs by a heart.

(b) They have gills, a heart, and a partially opened circulatory system, one which is moved around the external organs.

(c) They have gills, a heart, and a closed circulatory system, one in which blood is transported in vessels by the pumping action of the heart.


Answer Key:

  1. (D)
  2. (A)
  3. (B)
  4. (C)
  5. (A)
  6. (A)
  7. (B)
  8. (A)
  9. (A)
  10. (C)