Morning Walk


 Morning Walk

Refer the given image to answer the following questions:

  1. What is holding in his hand in the given image?

(A) Bag                 (B) Fishing rod    (C) Garland          (D) Coconut


  1. What is  doing in the park?

(A) Running         (B) Jogging          (C) Playing           (D) Walking


  1. What is this ?

(A) Ball                 (B) Wool              (C) Coconut         (D) Cotton


  1. What is doing in the given image?

(A) Playing                                       (B) Running        

(C) Selling garlands                         (D) Selling coconuts


  1. What is selling?

(A) Garlands        (B) Coconuts       (C) Toys               (D) Fishing rods


  1. How many trees can you see in the given image?

(A) Two                (B) Three              (C) Four               (D) Five


  1. What  colours are there in   t-shirt?

(A) Red & white  (B) Red & blue     (C) Red & green  (D) Red & yellow


  1. Which colour is not there in bird?

(A) Pink                (B) Blue                (C) Yellow            (D) Green


  1. Which of the following is not shown in the given image?

(A) Water            (B) Trees              (C) Mountains     (D) Buildings


  1. Which of the following is shown in the given image?

(A) Cars                (B) Birds               (C) Apples            (D) Horses


Answer keys
1. (B); 2. (D); 3. (C); 4. (D); 5. (A); 6. (C); 7. (D); 8. (A); 9. (D); 10. (B)