English & Logics Worksheet-16

English & Logics Worksheet-16


  1. Which of the following can be answer to the given question ?

Why are you angry?

A. Because Ravi has spoiled my cloths.

B. Because I am feeling sleepy.

C. Because I am watching an interesting film.

D. Because my mom has cooked nice food.


  1. I have got throat infection. Which of the following I should not eat or drink ?

A. Hot vegetable soup                 B. Chilled tasty icecream

C. Non spicy porridge                 D. Lentil soup


  1. Complete the following sentence.

She is so gorgeous so she ______.

A. cooks very tasty food.             B. looks pretty in every outfit.

C. goes to office on time.            D. eats too much.


  1. Ravina is in India now, tomorrow she is moving to USA. Which of the following vehicle she will take to go to USA.

A. Metro Train

B. Volvo luxury bus

C. Air India international flight

D. Indigo domestic flight


  1. Today I wish to eat pasta in dinner. I should go to a restaurant that serves ____ food.

A. Chinese         B. Italian            C. Indian            D. Thai


  1. Which of the following can be the answer of the given question?

Where’s the camera?

A. In my bag.    B. It’s black       C. Nikon             D. With memory card


  1. Which of the following can be the answer of the given question ?

Is your car blue?

A. No, it is very costly                  B. No, it is black

C. No, it is in parking.                 D. Yes, it is an SUV


  1. Which of the following can be the answer of the given question ?

Is Arya from India?

A. Yes, She likes Chinese food.

B. Yes, She speaks Hindi very well.

C. No, She is from London.

D. Yes, she likes Indian outfit.


  1. In which of the following sentences, usage of the word ‘delicious’ is correct ?

A. Both of us are delicious friends.

B. My mother cooks delicious food.

C. It’s a delicious dress.

D. None of these


  1. I am very thirsty. Which of the following should I take ?

A. A nice pair of shoes                 B. A bowl of dessert

C. A glass of cold water               D. A pizza


  1. Riya is looking very pretty. I should _____ her.

A. slap                                             B. complement

C. Sing with                                   D. be sorry for


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-B; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-B; (10)-C; (11)-B