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In this book there are 20 practice tests.
Each test has 25 multiple choice questions. Students have to choose the correct answer. After completion of test they will get the detailed analysis of the test.
Table of Content: Adjectives, Alphabetic Order, Antonym & Synonym, Compound Words, Homophones, Nouns, Parts of Speech, Pronouns, Silent Letters, Suffix, Prefix & Syllables, Verbs, Vocabulary, Vowel & Consonants


Antonym & Synonym Worksheet-7


Tell whether each pair of words is Synonym or Antonym:

          Agree, disagree  - AntonymSynonym

11.     Easy, difficult        Antonym       Synonym

12.    Cold, freezing        Antonym       Synonym

13.    Unhappy, sad        Antonym       Synonym

14.    Bottom, top           Antonym       Synonym

15.    Soft, hard              Antonym       Synonym

16.    Read, write           Antonym       Synonym

17.    Large, big             Antonym       Synonym

18.    Difficult, easy        Antonym       Synonym

19.    empty, full             Antonym       Synonym

20.   beautiful, ugly        Antonym       Synonym


(11)–Antonym; (12)–Synonym; (13)–Synonym; (14)–Antonym; (15)–Antonym; (16)–Antonym; (17)–Synonym; (18)–Antonym; (19)–Antonym; (20)–Antonym