English olympiad practice questions 2nd grade Verbs

This workbook contains worksheets on English - Verbs for Grade 2 Olympiad students. There are 2 worksheets with 30+ questions.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions…


English Verbs Worksheet-1

Identify the verbs in the following sentences:

  1. She smiled at me.

       A. she                  B. smiled           C. me                  D. all of these


  1. Anita asked for directions.

       A. for                  B. Andrew         C. directions     D. asked


  1. The man walked slowly.

       A. slowly            B. man               C. walked           D. walked, man


  1. She broke my ruler.

       A. broke             B. my                  C. ruler               D. She


  1. My friends arrived late.

       A. late                 B. arrived          C. friends           D. my


  1. Ravi waited for me at the bus stop.

       A. Jason             B. bus stop        C. waited           D. at


  1. I drove to Atlanta with my friend.

       A. Atlanta          B. friend             C. I                      D. drove


  1. Rinky finished his homework.

       A. homework    B. finished         C. Riley              D. his


  1. Pummy spilled juice on my desk.

       A. desk               B. Peter, desk   C. juice               D. spilled


  1. Her little puppy slept in my lap.

       A. slept               B. little, puppy  C. lap                  D. puppy


  1. Shruti found a box of toys.

       A. shruti             B. found             C. a box              D. of


  1. Ravi and Kavi found a shiny pearl at the beach.

       A. Ravi and Kavi                        B. pearl    

       C. found                                       D. shiny


  1. Meera trimmed the bushes with the grass trimmer.

       A. bushes           B. trimmer        C. grass              D. trimmed


  1. Meera flipped the pages excitedly.

       A. Meera            B. flipped           C. pages             D. excitedly


  1. I looked down into the dark tunnel.

       A. tunnel            B. dark               C. into                 D. looked



(1)–B; (2)–D; (3)–C; (4)–A; (5)–B; (6)–C; (7)–D; (8)–B; (9)–D; (10)–A; (11)–B; (12)–C; (13)–D; (14)–B; (15)–D


English Verbs Worksheet-2

  1. Identify the verb in the sentence.

       Rosy left my bag at the door.

       A. left                  B. bag                 C. door               D. at


  1. Identify the verb in the sentence.

       He searched the entire room for the blue gem.

       A. entire room B. searched       C. gem                D. blue


  1. Identify the verb in the sentence.

       I received a letter in the mail box.

       A. received        B. letter              C. mail               D. all of these


  1. Identify the verb in the sentence.

       Dad threw the ball to my little brother Manu.

       A. Manu            B. little               C. threw             D. brother


  1. Identify the verb in the sentence.

       Who will draw me pictures?

       A. pictures        B. who                C. me                  D. draw


  1. I feel tired today. I did not ______ well last night.

       A. cry                 B. fix                   C. line                 D. sleep


  1. She ______ her bicycle on the sidewalk.

       A. she                 B. stopped         C. fan                  D. joke


  1. We all ______ songs around the campfire.

       A. sang               B. songs             C. around          D. campfire


  1. Jack and Jill _____ to the fruit Market.

       A. when              B. toss                C. went               D. deep


  1. I fell and hurt my ______.

       A. tap                  B. mat               C. knee               D. wet


  1. The female turtle digs a ______ into which she deposits her eggs.

       A. whole             B. hole               C. froze               D. when


  1. There was a big mess on his _____.

       A. desk               B. pup                C. mop               D. seed


  1. The sun gives us _____ and light.

       A. pine                B. meet              C. heat                D. three


  1. _____ is the solid form of water.

       A. Ice                  B. Rock              C. Cool               D. Froze


  1. Mary had a big house on the _____.

       A. drop               B. mad               C. king                D. hill



(1)–A; (2)–B; (3)–A; (4)–C; (5)–D; (6)–D; (7)–B; (8)–A; (9)–C; (10)–C; (11)–B; (12)–A; (13)–C; (14)–A; (15)–D