Science olympiad grade 3-Test-4

3rd grade science worksheets


  1. Which of the following has the greatest mass?

(A) coin              (B) pencil           (C) computer    (D) cup


  1. Which tool would you use to measure the width of your classroom?

(A) graduated cylinder                (B) meter stick

(C) spring scale                             (D) Balance

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  1. Which tool should you use to measure the distance around a pumpkin?

(A) graduated cylinder                (B) ruler

(C) scale                                         (D) measuring tape


  1. Ravi is growing three bean plants. He wants to compare their heights. Which tools should he use?

(A) metric ruler                            (B) spring scale

(C) hand lens                                 (D) balance


Answer Keys

(13)–C; (14)–B; (15)–D; (16)–A