Science Olympiad practice Test-15

science olympiad grade 3


  1. If you roll a large sheet of paper into a funnel, you can hear the sound better. (think of a megaphone) This process of increasing the loudness of sound is called.

(A) measuring a wave                 (B) Absorbtion

(C) reflection                                 (D) amplification


  1. Being able to tell different sounds apart is called

(A) sound amplification              (B) sound discrimination

(C) vibration                                  (D) frequency

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  1. The movement of water back and forth between air and the Earth's surface is called the

(A) condensation                          (B) water cycle

(C) evaporation


  1. What does the word volume mean?

(A) the amount of matter in an object

(B) the pull of gravity on an object

(C) how hot or cold an object is

(D) how much space an object takes up?


  1. _______can be either a push or a pull.

(A) force            (B) operation    (C) motion         (D) plot


  1. The energy from the sun is taken in by our body and changed to __________energy.

(A) Sound (B) Light            (C) Heat


  1. A form of energy that you can see. An example would be a lamp, burning matches, or the sun. It is called ______.

(A) Chemical energy                    (B) Light

(C) Sound


  1. _________ is a tool that magnifies objects that are far away.

(A) iron              (B) television    (C) glasses         (D) telescope


Answer Keys

(57)–D; (58)–B; (59)–B; (60)–A; (61)–A; (62)–C; (63)–B; (64)–D