Animals-Their Food & Home-Test-4

Animals-their food and home

  1. The spiders use their ____ to trap insects.

A. Web               B. Legs               C. Tentacles


  1. Match the animals with the place where they live:


Study the given picture carefully and answer the Q.3,4,5,6,7

  1. What does the given picture represents?

A. Eating habits of animals

B. The life cycle of a Snake

C. A food chain


  1. In the given picture, ___ is a herbivore.

A. Grasshopper          B. Frog                         C. Snake


  1. Frogs depend on ___ for their food.

A. Grass                       B. Grasshoppers        C. Snakes


  1. Grasshopper gets energy by eating:

A. Grass                       B. Frog                         C. Snake


  1. Snake is a:

A. Herbivore               B. Omnivore               C. Carnivore


Answer Keys:

(1)–A; (2)–(1-d,2-e,3-a,4-c,5-b); (3)–C; (4)–A; (5)–B; (6)–A; (7)–C