Science olympiad Grade-3-Test-3

science olympiad class 3 worksheets


  1. Soil contains:

(A) only clay, and no humus

(B) silt and sand, but never clay

(C) humus and clay, but never sand

(D) rock, silt, sand, clay and humus


  1. What does volume mean?

(A) the amount of matter in an object

(B) the pull of gravity on an object

(C) how hot or cold an object is

(D) how much space an object takes up

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  1. When an ice cube melts, it change from

(A) a solid to a liquid.                  (B) a liquid to a gas.

(C) a solid to a gas.                      (D) a gas to a solid.


  1. Shauna placed a cup of water in a warm place. One week later, no water was left in the cup. What probably happened?

(A) The liquid water changed to a gas.

(B) The liquid water changed to a solid.

(C) The water leaked out of the cup.

(D) The water spilled from the cup.


Answer Keys

(9)–D; (10)–D; (11)–A; (12)–A