Plants and Animals-Test-1

Plants and animals

  1. It is the main part of a plant. It anchors the plant to the ground. It absorbs water and mineral salts from the soil. Identify the part of a plant.

(A) Stem            (B) Roots           (C) Leaves


  1. A plant is placed in a box with a small opening and the box is kept in a sunny place. The plant is watered daily. In which direction (1, 2, and 3) will the plant grow after few days?

grade 3 plants and animals workheets

(A) 1                    (B) 3                             (C) 2

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  1. Leaves of different plants have different ____ and ___.

(A) Functions; shapes

(B) Shapes; sizes

(C) Functions; sizes


  1. The given figure shows the roots of some plants. Which of these will hold the plant most firmly to the soil?

(A)             (B)        (C)


  1. Which part of a plant helps it to climb up the wooden pole to get more sunlight?

science olympiad grade 3

(A) Stem            (B) Leaves         (C) Roots


  1. Identify the part marked “X” in the given picture.

class 3 science worksheets for olympiad

(A) Stalk            (B) Margin        (C) Veins


  1. A turtle pulls its head back into the shell for:


(A) Warming    (B) Protection   (C) Cooling


  1. The given chart shows the three different groups of animals. These animals are classified according to:

group of animals chart for grade 3 science

(A) Their  food habit

(B) Their body openings

(C) The place they live in


  1. ___ is a flightless bird.

(A) Ostrich              (B) Sparrow            (C) Crow


  1. Which of the following is nocturnal animal/bird?

(A)      (B)        (C)


Answer Keys:

(1)–B ; (2)–C ; (3)–B ; (4)–C ; (5)–A ; (6)–B ; (7)–B ; (8)–B; (9)–A ; (10)–A