Plants and Animals-Test-1

Plants and animals

  1. It is the main part of a plant. It anchors the plant to the ground. It absorbs water and mineral salts from the soil. Identify the part of a plant.

(A) Stem            (B) Roots           (C) Leaves


  1. A plant is placed in a box with a small opening and the box is kept in a sunny place. The plant is watered daily. In which direction (1, 2, and 3) will the plant grow after few days?

(A) 1                    (B) 3                             (C) 2

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  1. Leaves of different plants have different ____ and ___.

(A) Functions; shapes

(B) Shapes; sizes

(C) Functions; sizes


  1. The given figure shows the roots of some plants. Which of these will hold the plant most firmly to the soil?

(A)             (B)        (C)


  1. Which part of a plant helps it to climb up the wooden pole to get more sunlight?

(A) Stem            (B) Leaves         (C) Roots


  1. Identify the part marked “X” in the given picture.

(A) Stalk            (B) Margin        (C) Veins


  1. A turtle pulls its head back into the shell for:


(A) Warming    (B) Protection   (C) Cooling


  1. The given chart shows the three different groups of animals. These animals are classified according to:

(A) Their  food habit

(B) Their body openings

(C) The place they live in


  1. ___ is a flightless bird.

(A) Ostrich              (B) Sparrow            (C) Crow


  1. Which of the following is nocturnal animal/bird?

(A)      (B)        (C)


Answer Keys:

(1)–B ; (2)–C ; (3)–B ; (4)–C ; (5)–A ; (6)–B ; (7)–B ; (8)–B; (9)–A ; (10)–A