Cyberworld crossword-5

WORD BANK:   Animation, backspace, backup, bmp, cad, cursorcontrolkeys, cyberspace, delete, esc, functionkeys, ipaddress, lan, lcd, motherboard, ocr, page, screensaver, shortcut, wallpaper.

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1  the___________key allows you to exit or escape some programs.

3 __________are found at the top of the keyboard.

These control programs and are labelled _1 to _12.

4  A sequence of still images and added sound create animation effects.

10  The main circuit board that connects all of the computer's components together.

13  A small network, (connection of computers), covering a specific area.

14  up pagedown______and _______          keys allow you to move up or down in a document.

17  This is a picture that pops up when you are not using your computer.

18  Internet environment where PCs from all over the world can through modems and telephone line connections share information and communicate

19 ___________ are arrows that allow you to move the cursor in four directions


2  When you click on an icon, it is a_______to a file or program.

5  Liquid Crystal Display screens output graphical data to a video screen that uses a liquid crystal solution to display the information.

6  bitmap graphic files

7 _______ key erases errors when the mouse is placed before the error.

8  Computer-Aided Drafting/ Design software

9  A picture or design on your desktop for decoration.

11 _________key erases errors when the mouse is placed after the error.

12 ___________ is used to identify a specific computer using the Internet.

15  Optical Character Recognition

16  This is an extra copy of a file or document.