Plants and Animals-Test-2

Plants and animals

  1. Which of these plants will be able to survive?

(A)       (B)         (C)


  1. A plant needs______, _______ and ______to grow.

(A) Water, Air, Fertilizer

(B) Pesticides, water, Sunlight

(C) Water, Sunlight, Air

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  1. Which part of the plant protects the seeds?

(A) Stem            (B) Roots           (C) Fruit


  1. Seeds of a fruit play an important role because they:

(A) Prepare food for the plant

(B) Helps in transportation of water and minerals to the other parts of a plant

(C) Protect seed which can further grow into new plants


  1. Which of the following have fins and breathe through gills?

(A) Mammals   (B) Fish              (C) Reptiles 


  1. Which of the following characteristics is commonly shared by the animals in the given box?

(A) They lay eggs

(B) They can live on land and in water

(C) Their bodies are covered with scales


  1. Tadpole does not resemble its parent. Which of the following animals possess the same characteristic?

(A)        (B)      (C)


  1. Which of the following is NOT a mammal?

(A)    (B)        (C)


  1. In the given diagram, the arrows represent:

(A) Preparation of food by plants

(B) Absorption of water and minerals

(C) none of these


  1. Plants absorb carbon dioxide through:

(A) Stem              (B) Roots              (C) Leaves


Answer Keys:

(1)–A  ; (2)–C ; (3)–C ; (4)–C ; (5)–B ; (6)–A ; (7)–C ; (8)–B ; (9)–B ; (10)–C