Crop production and management Worksheet-11

Crop production and management Worksheet-11


  1. Name two categories of crops based on season.

  2. Write any four points of difference between manure and a fertiliser. Explain how fertilizers are different from manure.

  3. If wheat is sown in the kharif season, what would happen? Discuss.

  4. Explain how soil gets affected by the continuous plantation of crops in a field.

  5. What are weeds? How can we control them?

  6. (a)  Give two examples of each:

(i) Kharif crop (ii) Rabi crop

(b) Can you explain why most crops have a particular season in which they grow?

  1. What is a seed drill?

  2. Give two reasons why seeds should be sown at correct distance.

  3. Give two methods by which threshing can be done.    ;

  4. Differentiate between kharif and rabi crops.

  5. A farmer grows moong during the rainy season. Will he get a good crop?

  6. Why does loosening of soil allow roots to breathe easily?

  7. How do earthworms and microbes present in the soil help the growth of crops?

  8. What is meant by "field fallow"?

  9. A farmer never leaves his field fallow. Will he get a good crop?

  10. What are fertilizers? Name two important fertilizers.

  11. Give two disadvantages of using fertilizers excessively.

  12. What is the advantage of using manure?

  13. Why should watering be increased during summer?

  14. Name the two main methods of irrigation used in India nowadays.

  15. What are weeds? What is meant by weeding?

  16. When should the weedicides be sprayed?

  17. How are grains stored in homes?

  18. Where is large scale storage of grains done?

  19. Define lodging. How does it happen?

  20. (a) What is harvesting?

(b) Mention two important uses of tilling the soil.

  1. (a) Define crop.

(b) Name two categories of crops based on season.

(c) What are pesticides?

  1. (a) Earthworms are nature's ploughmen. How?

(b) How is soil a resource for all living organisms? Give any two points.

  1. (a)   Why is it necessary to sow seeds at an appropriate depth?

(b) What are weeds?

  1. What is harvesting? Give two methods of harvesting.