Vocabulary Worksheet-20

Vocabulary Worksheet-20


  1. Convertible:

A. to reduce the value of something

B. without a way of protecting yourself

C. something that can be changed

D. to increase the value of something


  1. Tolerance:

A. wisdom         B. acceptance   C. pride              D. none of these


  1. Arrogance:

A. wisdom                                      B. unemotional

C. pride                                           D. Honesty


  1. We had to_____ the classes when a teacher had to go home.

A. verify             B. consolidate   C. surge              D. none of these


  1. Harsh or unpleasant combination of sounds.

A. Deficiency                                 B. Admonishing

C. Dissonance                               D. Iridescent


  1. astute

A. clumsy                                       B. intelligent, keen in judgment

C. extremely clean                       D. shrewd


  1. easily frightened

A. bigotry                                       B. timorous

C. mortarboard                            D. boon


  1. Tolerant

A. act of putting up with something difficult or painful or that is a hardship

B. reasonable or expected thoughts; thoughts make sense

C. state of confusion or disorder; lack of organization

D. boldly rude or disrespectful


  1. clumsy

A. not able to do things in careful way, awkward

B. Dense

C. discouraged

D. easily hurt


  1. detriment

A. challenge

B. improvement

C. important

D. that causes damage or loss, harm, injury


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. B

  3. C

  4. B

  5. C

  6. D

  7. B

  8. A

  9. A

  10. D