English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-17

The complete course of grammar Worksheet-17


  1. The wind _____  my pictures into the air.

A. blu                  B. blew               C. blue                D. blee


  1. He has been _____ with us since 1990.

A. works             B. work              C. working         D. worked


  1. Uranus has _____ moons than Jupiter.

A. much             B. most               C. many             D. more


  1. Why did you _____ my folder?

A. take                B. took                C. taken              D. takes


  1. She didn't _____ my invitation.

A. expected       B. pact                C. accept            D. excess


  1. Is Algebra _____ than Geometry?

A. difficulter                                  B. most difficult

C. more difficulter                       D. more difficult


  1. The fourth-grade Fall Party is _____ Friday.

A. in                    B. on                   C. or                    D. at


  1. Add a correct prefix to the word to make a new word.

_____ connect

A. Un                  B. Mis                 C. Dis                  D. Non


  1. Which sentence is an example of past continuous tense of verb?

A. I am watching TV.                  B. You were sleeping when she left.

C. Terry has still not arrived.     D. You will be traveling next month.


  1. What is the antonym for the word 'Honest'?

A. Unhonest      B. Mishonest     C. Dihonest       D. Dishonest


  1. Which of these words means not legal?

A. dislegal          B. unlegal          C. illegal             D. alegal


  1. Which sentence has an adverb in it?

A. She is coming.                          B. She will come.

C. She has left.                              D. She came yesterday.


  1. What is the antonym for the word 'Trust'?

A. Distrust         B. Untrust         C. Nontrust       D. Misstrust


  1. What is the comparative form for the word 'lonely'?

A. more lonely                               B. lonelier

C. more lonelier                            D. loneliest


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. C

  3. D

  4. A

  5. C

  6. D

  7. B

  8. C

  9. B

  10. D

  11. C

  12. D

  13. A

  14. B