English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-42

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-42


  1. I had to go to the doctor.

Select the best CAUSE for the following EFFECT.

A. because I had headache.

B. Doctor gave me medicine

C. because my uncle bought be a new CD

D. I want to be a doctor


  1. The math teacher gave us a ____ quiz.

A. harder           B. hard               C. most hard     D. hardest


  1. I bought this rug ____ India.

A. by                  B. for                  C. from               D. since


  1. We are going to Japan _____ December.

A. a                      B. an                   C. the                  D. None of these


  1. Identify the complete predicate.

Darshil and his friends waited for over an hour.

A. waited for over an hour          B. Darshil and his friends

C. for over an hour                       D. over an hour


  1. The harder one studies, the _____ one learns.

A. more              B. most               C. much             D. many


  1. The walls were decorated with colourful pictures.

Select the adjective in the following sentence.

A. colorful         B. walls              C. pictures         D. with


  1. _____ he stay with us for two weeks?

A. Were              B. Are                 C. Am                 D. Will


  1. Which sentence is an example of past tense?

A. Are you participating in the talent show?

B. Our school organizes a talent show every year.

C. Harry played violin in the talent show.

D. Kamla and Kanta are playing an important role in our play.


  1. "Vickys dog ran after (Molly and me)."

Replace the noun in bracket with the correct pronoun.

A. they                B. her                  C. their               D. us


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-C; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-D; (9)-C; (10)-D