Session-14-Past simple-continous-perfect

With a finished time (yesterday / last week etc.), we use the   past (arrived/saw/was etc.).Do not use the present perfect (have arrived / have done / have been etc.) with a finished time. Use the past simple to ask When ... ? or What time ... ?


          Present perfect

• I have lost my key. (= I can't find it now)

• Arun has gone home. (= he isn't here now)

Have you seen Anu? (= where is she now?)

Past simple

I lost my key last week.

Arun went home ten minutes ago.

Did you see Anu on Saturday?


Present perfect

          • Have you ever been to Spain?

    (= in your life, until now)

• My friend is a writer. He has written

    many books.

• The letter hasn't arrived yet.

          • We've lived in Singapore for six years.

              (= we live there now)


Past simple

Did you go to Spain last year?

• Shakespeare wrote many plays and poems.

• The letter didn't arrive yesterday.

• We lived in Mumbai for six years but now we live in Jaipur.