Phrasal verbs Worksheet-1

Phrasal verbs Worksheet-1


Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

  1. The police promised to ______ the matter of the robbery.

A. Look at          B. Look into      C. Look for        D. Look to


  1. This is correct, ______ in the same manner.

A. Look into                                   B. Carry forward

C. Carry on                                    D. Carry back


  1. Have you _____ everything that the teacher said?

A. Noted on                                    B. Noted up

C. Noted for                                   D. Noted down


  1. Oh no! The exams have been _____ once again!

A. Put out          B. Put on            C. Put off           D. Put forth


  1. “Rohan, you must learn to _____ all your things,” said Mother.

A. Put down      B. Put away       C. Put up            D. Put off


  1. The angry dog _____ the cat.

A. Ran after      B. Ran in            C. Ran out         D. Ran to


  1. Petrol is very costly. We must learn to ______ its use.

A. Cut down      B. Cut up           C. Cut for           D. Cut in


  1. Today was a lucky day. I _____ my friend after a long time.

A. Ran to            B. Ran for         C. Ran into        D. Ran at


  1. “Have you told me everything? I think you have ______ something.”

A. Hid out          B. Kept back     C. Kept in          D. Hid in


  1. The doctor has ordered several tests, in order to _____ a few doubts.

A. Rule in           B. Rule for         C. Rule at           D. Rule out


Answer Key:

  1. B

Explanation: Look into = examine


  1. C

Explanation: Carry on = continue


  1. D

Explanation: Noted down = written


  1. C

Explanation: Put off = postponed


  1. B

Explanation: Put away = tidy up, keep in place


  1. A

Explanation: Ran after = chased


  1. A

Explanation: Cut down = reduce


  1. C

Explanation: Ran into = met unexpectedly


  1. B

Explanation: Kept back = not told, hidden some information


  1. D

Explanation: Rule out = exclude, get rid of