Plant Life Worksheet-3

Plant Life Worksheet-3


  1. Identify the part of the flower shown above.

(a) Anther          (b) Ovary           (c) Stigma         (d) Carpel


  1. What is the process in which pollen is transferred from one flower's anther to another flower's stigma called?

(a) self-pollination                       (b) cross-pollination

(c) uni-pollination                        (d) bi-pollination


  1. What is the process of joining of an egg with a sperm called?

(a) Life Cycle                                 (b) Termination

(c) Combination                           (d) Fertilization


  1. What do male branches of moss produce?

(a) Eggs             (b) Sperms        (c) Seeds            (d) Flowers


  1. What is the name of the green stuff used in the photosynthesis process?

(a) Chloroplast                              (b) Chlorophyll

(c) Chlorophyleane                      (d) Caronphyll


  1. Which of the following item is not needed for photosynthesis to work?

(a) Oxygen                                     (b) Water

(c) Sun light                                   (d) Carbon dioxide


  1. Based on number of cotyledons, angiosperms are divided into two groups ________.

(a) Monocots and dicots             (b) Dicots and Tricots

(c) Unicots and dicots                 (d) Unicots and Doublecots


  1. Plants with seeds that have two cotyledons are called _______.

(a) Doublecots                              (b) Dicots

(c) 2-cots                                        (d) Monocots


  1. What are the most likely places for moss and fern growth?

(a) Moist and shady places        (b) Moist and bright places

(c) Dry and shady places            (d) Dry and bright places


  1. Plants that have tube like structure inside their stems are called ______ plants.

(a) Non vascular                           (b) Vascular

(c) Tubler                                       (d) Green


Answer Key:

(1)–(b); (2)–(b); (3)–(d); (4)–(b); (5)–(b); (6)–(a); (7)–(a); (8)–(b); (9)–(a); (10)–(b)