Cyberworld crossword-4

Alt, application, bandwidth, ctrlplusaltplusdelete, database, dropdownmenu, ebook, email, folder,

homepage, menubar, microprocessor, msn, universalpowersupply, universalserialbus, videoteleconferencing, virus, window, wordprocessor, zip.

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1 A complete central processing unit (CPU) contained on a single silicon chip.

5 A structure for containing electronic files. In some operating systems, it is called a "directory."

6 The capacity of a networked connection. It determines how much data can be sent along the networked wires. It is particularly important for Internet connections, since greater also means faster downloads.

8 Computer software that performs a task or set of tasks, such as word processing or drawing. it also referred to as programs.

9 A remote "face-to-face chat," when two or more people using a webcam and an Internet telephone connection chat online.

11 A computer system or program for setting, editing, revising, correcting, storing, and printing text.

13 An unauthorized piece of computer code attached to a computer program or portions of a computer system that secretly copies itself from one computer to another by shared discs and over telephone and cable lines.

17 Full form of UPS

18   keys reboots or restarts the computer when they are pushed in that sequence. This is called a warm boot.

19 Full form of USB



1 The horizontal strip across the top of an application's window.

2 A collection of similar information stored in a file

3 A menu window that opens vertically on-screen to display context-related options

4 Microsoft Network

7 A portion of a computer display used in a graphical interface that enables users to select commands by pointing to illustrations or symbols with a mouse. "Windows" is also the name Microsoft adopted for its popular operating system.

10 An electronic (usually hand-held) reading device that allows a person to view digitally stored reading materials.

12 Messages, including memos or letters, sent electronically between networked computers that may be across the office or around the world.

14 A              file extension describes a file that contains several files that are compressed together.

15 The main page of a Web site used to greet visitors, provide information about the site, or to direct the viewer to other pages on the site.

16                   key moves the cursor to the menu bar, which is useful in the event the mouse is not functioning.