Science olympiad grade-3 -Test-9

olympiad sample papers class 3


  1. ______ is a trait that helps a living thing survive in its environment?

(A) larva            (B) adaptation  (C) inherited


  1. A student holds two vibrating objects. Object A is vibrating faster than Object B. Which statement (sentence) below is TRUE?

(A) A is LOUDER than B

(B) B is LOUDER than A

(C) A will have a higher PITCH than B

(D) B will have a higher PITCH than A

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  1. The highness or lowness of a sound is called the;

(A) Pitch            (B) loudness      (C) vibration     (D) resonance


  1. When you make sounds by plucking a rubber band, you make the rubber band move back and forth very quickly. This movement is called;

(A) Loudness    (B) amplitude   (C) pitch            (D) vibration


Answer Keys

(33)–B; (34)–C; (35)–A; (36)–D