Science Olympiad practice Test-14

class 3 science olympiad practice test


  1. What is oxygen?

(A) A gas            (B) A liquid       (C) A solid


  1. Which layer of soil has the most humus?

(A) topsoil         (B) subsoil         (C) bedrock       (D) clay


  1. What is the top layer of soil called?

(A) topsoil         (B) subsoil         (C) bedrock       (D) humus

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  1. When a living thing dies it DECOMPOSES and rots away. What does DECOMPOSE mean?

(A) to grow bigger                        (B) to break down

(C) to survive                                 (D) to study closely


Answer Keys

(53)–A; (54)–A; (55)–A; (56)–B