English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-86

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-86


  1. The photographer ________ photographs won the first prize in the competition spent more than three months taking pictures in the rainforest.

A. that                B. whom            C. whose            D. none


  1. The flames were rising _______ quickly and the firemen could not stop them.

A. too                  B. quite              C. hardly            D. none


  1. Jaya was ______ caught in the rain. Luckily she managed to reach home in time.

A. almost           B. barely            C. hardly            D. so


  1. Many ______ activities were carried out to prepare the astronauts for the actual mission to space.

A. situational    B. simulation    C. artificial        D. imitation


  1. _____ works are being carried out at a site to look for ancient artefacts.

A. Depression                                B. Restoration

C. Conservation                            D. Excavation


  1. If I had tried harder, I ______ (win) the competition.

A. Will have won                          B. will not win

C. Would have won                      D. Would not win


  1. You should stick to what you have set your mind to do and not be so easily________ by others.

A. inclined         B. biased            C. prejudiced    D. Influenced


  1. My aunt invests in _____. She often buys houses and rents them out to people.

A. land                B. estates           C. property        D. assets


  1. The_______ were arrested for illegally hunting the bears.

A. poachers       B. rangers          C. soldiers         D. shooters


  1. Ankush could have won the race_______ he fell and hurt himself just before reaching the finishing line.

A. since              B. but                  C. unless            D. still


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-D; (8)-C; (9)-A; (10)-B